September 2, 2010

afloat in a sea of wisdom

I once had a friend who told me to . . .


I am trying my best to take advantage of as many of the opportunities that are presented to me.
An OPEN MIND and humility are invaluable.
I believe that this principle transcends time or place . . .

Whatever your state of mind . . .


be open-minded.

I find that the times that I admit "i don't know" or "you're right" allows for a wave of input.
( ( ( and if you want output -- just ASK ) ) )
There is so much knowledge and wisdom crossing paths in this universe -
lets share it!

In moments when I struggle with the the fact that I can't express my beliefs with a simple word or phrase

I remind myself...
I am vast, I contain multitudes
- Mr. Walt Whitman -

And really, we're all just people --> blood, energy, conscious


  1. this should be interesting. I enjoy finding out what reality or unreality holds true for past students of mine. i look forward to your missives.

  2. Yes, sometimes it is.
    And when it is a struggle, I have to check myself- and remember WHY it is. Other individuals have not had the opportunities to get educated and have as many different experiences as i have.

    Yesterday i had a memorable struggle...

    One of my room mates and myself went into the heart of town, to look for some cheap clothes and jewelry and we ended up taking some bad turns (my fault really, i was acting as the guide) and the next thing I know we're in the midst of this slum and guys are grabbing us and telling us they want to fuck us....

    What frustrated me was the fact that I had let myself get into that sort of situation and that my room mate had put so much faith in me and I had put her in danger. We managed just fine, but if we had shown any weakness or fear...

    So Kyle, that was a moment yesterday in which I struggled.