September 28, 2010

the Beach: where fresh and salty collide

Since I can remember, the beach has been a place of splendor for me; whether it is hunting for seashells, floating under the stars, breaking the waves or just sitting and admiring.

I often find that I am unexpectedly led to the beach here in Ghana.
The first night we were all together, we stayed at the Afia Hotel on the beach. We went out for a night swim. The sea was calm and inviting and I seemed to lose myself in it. It was spectacular- I swam and swam and swam under the waves. I could’ve gone all night. Unfortunately, I did not communicate very well with my new found friends and house mates my love of the sea and one of them got alarmed and went to report it to the front desk. Luckily, I had returned right at this time… but I think this may have sparked one of my household nicknames. Ariel.

Labade Beach -
common hangout for both locals and tourists alike

View from CapeCoast hotel room
Other notable beach highlights thus far:
* Dancing under the blazing moon at Reggae night. One love <3

Emily enjoying our little piece of paradise
A couple weekends ago we went to Ada. It was gorgeous. We stayed at the Maranatha Estuary Beach Club, which was delightful. We took a little boat ride to get there; it was a moment I hope never to forget. I was overwhelmed with how beautiful it was. We were staying very near to where the Volta Lake opens up into the Atlantic Ocean. Our hut sat atop a peninsula – we ate good food, kicked back and took a stroll down the beach. That night I drifted to sleep listening to the sound of the waves and breathing in the wonderful fresh air.  It was the best night’s sleep I’ve had in months.

local boy pulling a Jesus - walking on water
where we stayed in Ada
PS My house mates are my saviors – adios cockroaches!

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