September 21, 2010

Kakum National Park

I was so ecstatic to be immersed in an African rain forest. This was such a wonderful highlight for me! In the image below I am walking on a 40 meter high canopy walkway. That’s right, 40 meters above the ground, aka 120 feet! The walkway was 350 meters long and suspended by 7 trees.
I was blown away – or at least I wish I could’ve been!  
I wanted so badly to pull a Tarzan and spend days exploring the layers of the rain forest.

George, one of our coordinators, got a kick out of jumping on the bridge. This upset some people who were behind us… but all in all, everyone had a good laugh at it.

Oh, there will be more journeys into these jungles.
Over and out.

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Goal: 50 donors, $4000
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  1. Is that a tail in that last photo? Wow. What amazing experiences you are having!

  2. Gina,
    What a great field trip. Is the crocodile waiting below that walkway for those that fall?? Please say no!

  3. NO! haha.

    we saw the crocodile at this place we stopped on the way to kakum. we had lunch on this restaurant that sat atop this lake where crocodiles were. The crocodiles may have been waiting for something else to fall in... there're these birds that build nests in the shape of spheres that hang off the trees- right over the crocodiles!