September 8, 2010

Global Giving

The Ark Foundation is the NGO that I am fortunate enough to intern at for the four months I am in Ghana.

The philosophy of The Ark is two dimensional - 
the quest to be both proactive and reactive, to prevent and to cure, to attack the roots and at the same time to deal with the fruits. 

A society in which women and men are truly equal in all spheres and endeavors of life….
Mission Statement
The Ark strives to create empowering spaces for individuals to rise above gender inequality, violence and oppression. This is achieved through advocacy, training, public education and service delivery.

Main Office - where I work!
Registered in 1995, The Ark began to operate on a full-time basis in February 1999.
They run two main programs…
*Capacity Building and Advocacy Program
*Anti-Violence Program
Feel free to visit The Ark Foundation for more information.

The Ark provides the ONLY TEMPORARY SHELTER for women and children in Ghana and it's services and resources are very limited.

This project has to raise $4,000 from 50 donors by September 30, 11:59 PM EDT to earn a permanent spot on GlobalGiving.

Those who meet the goal set by GlobalGiving will be eligible to continue receiving donations from the general public, private and corporate foundations through and take advantage of GlobalGiving's fundraising tools and services.

The top three projects that raise the most funds will also receive supplementary cash bonuses from GlobalGiving of $3,000, $2,000, and $1,000 respectively. The project with the greatest number of unique donors will be awarded a bonus of $2,000.

what YOU can do:
1. Visit the web-site & get informed about the movement in West Africa that is working towards ending gender and sexual based violence
2. Donate money
3. Forward this e-mail/site to other individuals who are passionate about the cause.
PLEASE if you know anyone who is passionate about this cause, forward them the link to either my blog ...
Or the GlobalGiving site …

$20 can support a social worker per quarter to attend to 30 clients
$20 can support 15 pieces of public education materials
$30 can support a resource person's training session for the school of social work
$40 can support a medical Doctor to attend to 30 clients per quarter
$50 can support a client per quarter to engage in petty trading
$80 can support 30 clients for rehabilitation per year
$100 can support a Clinical Psychologist to attend to 30 clients per year
$100 will cater for the monitoring and evaluation of 10 clients per year

View from The Ark
--Gina’s Perspective--
It’s difficult for me to ask for individual’s to sacrifice something… but I believe that we are part of a community on the global scale and need to look out for each other. So, if you can, please give – through dedicating your time to educating yourself, or others, spreading wealth ((with every dollar spent you are voting on what you believe)), or contribute your invaluable creative ideas so that we can bring equality to every part of our Earth.

Medaase – Thank you

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