August 26, 2010

University of Ghana - Legon

The University of Ghana is the most prestigous university in West Africa. 
It is one of the seven Ghanaian public universities.  It has about 40,000 students and the departments range from archeology to zoology. 

I live off campus, yet in my free mornings or afternoons
I venture out to explore campus...
 I really enjoy seeing everyone chatting on their way to class, eating at one of the several canteens (i have yet to discover them all! -my favorite so far is Taco bell [and no, they don't serve quesadillas there ;) ], playing football, doing their laundry, etc. 

PS i love it here!
PPS - i had my first intense bug encounter -- cockroach in shower... eek!


  1. Gina,I am so happy that you like it there. I love your blogs. Keep them coming.It is too bad you have to miss Kyle's wedding but we'll tell you all about it.Love,Grandma

  2. I'll do my best to post once a week!
    And I look forward to hearing all about Kyle's wedding - don't forget to bring those dancing shoes of yours! ;)