August 19, 2010



I am engulfed in a sea of LANGUAGE- some i know and some i don't...
so for now...

Some say a picture says a thousand words... here're a few thousand...

OK-just kidding... i will comment a little on the last picture...

The silver structure you see is the Kwame Nkrumah mausoleum. 

It is not the most aesthetically beautiful... (like much of Accra)...
but the symbolism touched my heart... (like much of Accra)...
Kwame Nkrumah greatly helped Ghana establish independence and
was a huge advocate for Pan-Africanism.

The structure symbolizes the trunk of a tree - though it was stunted in growth


  1. Great photos, Gina. I like the one of the guy on a bike on the beach! Keep posting. How about some of where it is that you are living now? Miss you!

  2. yes, yes more pictures to come. i'll e-mail you and marta pictures of our house here once i get around to taking them (asap!).
    miss you too!

  3. I enjoyed your pictures, Gina. Such a variety of settings. What a great experience you are having.

  4. Holy shit girl, I hope the bug spray is doing the trick. The photos are awesome! oxoxox

  5. thanks!
    the bug spray seems to be working - aaand it's all natural - citrus and lemon grass and eucalyptus. =)