December 3, 2010

Farewell Fab Five

5 strangers. Thousands of miles away from home. 1 house. A delightful experience.
I think we all had our reservations about living in a household full of females, but it worked out great.  Us five (fabulous) ladies conquered east Legon.
The first of our household departs this weekend.  I'll be the last to go. 

We arrived as
Lauren, Ada, Emily, Molly and Gina.
We depart as
Ama, Adua, Akua, Akua and Afia.

Our favorite hang out


  1. I have to admit, I'm totally jealous. It seems like you had a really unique and touching experience there.

  2. I am lsure you are coming home a different person than you were when you left. You have had such a tremendous esperience. It is awsome. Love, Grandma Joan

  3. Wonderful photos of all of you. It really looks like you had a great time together.

  4. :) Well Kyle, I hope my posts have only motivated you to go out and have your own unique experience! I recall you metioning wanting to go to Morocco- I strongly urge you to go for it! I have found that my study abroad experience has been the most valuable undergraduate experience I've had yet.

  5. What a great blog Geens! I am totally going to miss the fab 5... and East Legon. What an incredible experience we had!

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  7. Beautiful post, Gina! Or is that Afia? Speaking of which, when you guys were studying in Ghana, did you ever stay at the Afia Beach Hotel in Accra? It's an AMAZING place, right down the road from the National Arts Centre and next door to the (now defunct) Riviera Beach Hotel.

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