November 2, 2010

Life Is Beautiful

The internet is very unreliable in Ghana. 
When it is working it's at a very slow pace...
My neighborhood has been out of internet for the past week... or two?

I'm keeping it short and sweet for now...

I feel as though it's all downhill now.
I'm reading 'Breakfast of Champions' by Kurt Vonnegut and discussing culture with friends from all the corners of the globe... It makes me a bit weary to return to the States, but heck I love the Northwest. 

This week...
the random beauties...

On my walk home from class

On my walk to work
Eastern Region
Eastern Region
Also, we threw a Halloween Party - I was a mosquito!


  1. Gina,you are a very scary looking mosquito. I love your pictures but feel sorry for the people who are so poor. Take care of yourself. I love you,Grandma Joan

  2. I wish I could see a higher res version of these pics - pretty darn cool. Where/What do you work?

  3. I intern with a women's empowerment NGO in Accra, called The Ark Foundation. I work under the capacity building and advocacy program. Most of my work comprises of research projects and reports that deal with the issue of gender discrimination, and the likes.