October 13, 2010

How we snuck into Heaven

I traveled to Kokrobite on Saturday. 
It was lovely to get two invites, simultaneously, from two friends to go out and have fun in the sun, at the beach.  I tried arguing with Susie at first, but after Gustav had invited me to travel to the same place, I took it as a sign. 
After all, I had just completed my midterms. 
But really, I'll take any excuse to hit up the beach. 

So, after one trotro ride, two trotro ride, three trotro ride... we were there!  It was spectacular!  Kokrobite is a small fishing village just about 30 kilometers west of Accra.  We splashed around in the ocean and bought some stellar clothes (I got two dresses and two wraps for under $10!). 

We saw a hill off in the distance (see image above) and mused about the view from the top and the time it would take to get there... before I knew it, Pedro and Gustav were scheming to make their way to the top. 
And we were off! 

Thanks to the brilliant idea of Gustav, we all clamored atop this mystery building. 
Oh. My. Goodness.

On top of the building, there were these holes; perhaps they were modified skylights? 
It was rather amusing to hoot and holler and make silly noises into them.  The building didn't have any inhabitants, that we were disturbing.  Though I make an effort to not be "that loud American", this was a moment of pure bliss that could not and would not be contained. 

And we are the echoes of eternity, echoes of eternity
Echoes of eternity maybe you heard of us
We do rebirths, revokes and resurrections
We threw basement parties in pyramids
I left my tag on the wall
The beats would echo off the stone
And solidify into the form of light bulbs
Destined to light of the heads of future generations
[Saul Williams-Amethyst Rock Star-Coded Language]

oh, and there was pizza.... mmmmmmmmm....

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  1. With pizza and cigarettes, can interesting beverages be far behind? Nice!